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Digital Games Featuring In-game Books, Book-like Objects, Book-ish Design Elements, and Paper Art : A Selective Annotated Ludography

Video games have long been celebrated for offering immersive and interactive experiences, transporting players to fantastical realms, and captivating them with engaging narratives. While many digital games rely on audiovisual storytelling, only a subset of these games utilizes in-game books or book-like objects to enhance the storytelling, deepen the lore of their virtual worlds, or connect to paper or cardstock. This ludography aims to showcase a selection of such video games that utilize in-game books or book objects as integral components of their gameplay or narrative. We have combined our findings for a more comprehensive and useful ludography, to generate interest in the complex case of book-in-the-game remediation and to give future research a head start. The research on which this ludography is based was in part conducted in connection with the research project “Vom Spielbuch zum Buchspiel – zur Mediengeschichte des Video Game” (https://doi.org/10.58159/20230904-000) at Berlin State Library.


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